Residential Facilities

All R Energy cogeneration CHP products are a great way for residential facilities to gain independence from rising energy prices, and to significantly reduce their carbon footprints.

Large residential facilities are ideal candidates for CHP systems because their electric and thermal loads are typically steady.

Single family homes are a mainstay for our residential solar installations. 

Larger applications for residential facilities include: condominiums, large apartment complexes, dormitories, duplexes, triplexes, co-ops, and retirement homes.

Main Advantages of Cogeneration for Residential Facilities

  • Significant energy cost savings can be over 50%
  • Quick and sustainable Return on Investment
  • Independence from rising energy prices
  • Full cost control
  • Highest reliability and efficiency
  • Stable operation in case of power outages within the utility grid
  • Fulfills highest environmental standards
  • Compliance with governmental carbon emission regulations
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