Construction Services

Our lighting solutions cover everything from small roll-outs to large-scale commercial projects. Whether it’s design, construction, or procurement, we make sure we are involved from the ground up so that every project runs as smoothly as possible.

Through our EPC’s in conjunction with various professionals in the lighting industry, including contractors, developers and business owners we understand that every project has its challenges and we are here to provide innovative solutions to even the most unique problems.

We also keep in mind the integrity of your lighting design. When it comes to lighting, we understand that every project is different and calls for various requirements to meet the project goal. From commercial to residential spaces, we work with your design team to develop both a cost-effective solution that stays true to the integrity of your lighting design.

End-to- End Project Management

Our customers are our number one priority. We ensure to always be in communication with you so that you are always informed on all the project details. When it comes to lighting and electrical projects, we have everything covered when it comes to project management:

  • Review plans
  • Conduct take-offs
  • Provide timely quotes
  • Manage inventory, construction schedule, and required on-site dates
  • Provide technical support to each jobsite
  • Ensure accurate and timely billing
  • Supply comprehensive OEM manuals, as required
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